Materials Used in Creating Aircraft Fasteners

In aerospace industry, there are different kinds of fasteners are used. From screws, bolts, pins, etc., the industry uses almost all kinds. They just differ in terms of quality. Unlike other industries, products created for aerospace used need to withstand varying temperature conditions and even high pressure. Unlike other products, aerospace products need to use specific components that are specifically designed for such. On top of that, producers also need to ensure that the aerospace products have lightweight design so in order to address the growing need of the industry, there are different kinds of aircraft fasteners used. Various kinds of treatment methods are created to provide the kind of materials, parts and other components needed by the aerospace industry.


Known for its durability, steels are hard alloys. The only downside of using this material is that it is quite heavy. For aircraft, it may cause some problems. But there are certain steels that are used for aerospace products like alloy steels and stainless steel. This explains why companies are selective when it comes to choosing steel for aerospace production. This material is quite prone to heat damage. In making aerospace bolts, many would use the Series C300 corrosion resistant type of steel.


For a more lightweight material, aluminum is used. This specific material if often used in planes. But before manufacturers use this material, it has to undergo another kind of treatment. The material is sensitive to heat. In order to avoid that, it has to undergo the cold head treatment to ensure that it can withstand heat and corrosion.

Super Alloys

Known for their versatility, super alloys are widely used as aerospace fasteners. What makes this is a top choice when it comes to producing aircraft fasteners is that not only is it versatile, it can also withstand extreme temperature and condition. In fact, super alloys can withstand extremely high temperature. There are several types of super alloys which include the following: h-11, Waspaloy, Hastelloy, Monel, Haynes and MP159 among many others.


Titanium is used in making aerospace rivets. The material has similar properties with alloy steel. Its strength is quite remarkable. But what is nice about titanium is that is lightweight compare to other choices. It is also known for its high resistance to cold and heat. With its amazing properties suitable for extreme conditions, titanium makes a great material for rivets.

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