Learn About Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems in St. Petersburg

It can be overwhelming when your air conditioning stops working and you need a repair, but if you stay calm, you will be fine. Summers in St. Petersburg can be very hot and humid, so you will want to fix your broken air conditioner as soon as you can. While you should never fix your own air conditioning, it is important to learn about common problems you may have with your AC so that you can judge what could be wrong and have a better idea when the service man comes to fix it.

Not Cooling

Whenever you turn on the AC in your home, the vents should start producing cool air. However, many times, you can feel the cold air coming from the vents, but your home is still hot or warm. If this is the case, you should call a technician to come out and check your entire system, including thermostats and compressors. Typical reasons for this common problem include faulty compressors, bad thermostats, low refrigerant or a broken fan motor.

Water Leakage

If your St. Petersburg air conditioning system leaks water, this is also a problem that should be fixed. It is normal for the unit to have a little condensation because the warmth from the outside is battling with the coolness of the machine. The condensation should drain away after dripping into the pan. However, when the pan or drain line becomes clogged, the condensation cannot go anywhere and overflows. This can cause damage to your home and means the AC isn’t working properly.

Strange Noises

Air conditioning systems do make noise because the fan motor is revving and the fan is moving. However, if you notice gurgling, hissing or squealing noises when you turn on the AC, call a professional as soon as possible. Gurgling can mean the unit has low refrigerant levels and you need more coolant while hissing can mean there is a leak of refrigerant. Squealing could be caused from a fan belt that needs replacing. However, it is important to have someone professional come out to check everything and find a direct cause.

What to Tell the Technician

When you call a technician to come out and check your system, make sure to tell them exactly what you saw or heard. It is okay to go out and look around the unit before calling to give a detailed account of what you notice.

Air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg is very common, so consider a professional such as Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning.

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