Industrial Roofing Contractors Offer Many Options for Fixing a Flat Roof

Installation and replacement aren’t the only things done by Industrial Roofing Contractors. In fact, contractors likely do more repairs and maintenance than anything else. That’s because of the size of most flat roofs. They’re big enough that damaged spots are likely to only account for a small portion of the total. It also costs quite a bit to fully replace such a roof, so customers will be more likely to prefer to get repairs instead.

Sometimes, a roof is damaged enough that it would seem to need replacement, but there is still another option: roof recovery. In this process, a second roof is installed right over the first. Local building codes in Hickory Hills, IL and the surrounding areas allow for two flat roofing systems to exist at once, but if you’re in a different area, you’ll need to check on compliance for this solution. Other than that, there are a few basic requirements for using the roof recovery option. There can’t already be two roofs, and there must be minimal water damage. The existing roof also needs to still be within its manufacturer-predicted lifespan.

The point of getting roof recovery instead of a tear-off of the old roof is to save on labor or materials. The existing roof becomes part of the substrate for the new one, so the top layer is the only one that needs to be new. Since nothing is removed, there is also no need to pay for removal-related labor.
When a roof needs extensive work but a reinstallation or recovery system isn’t in the budget, all is not lost. Roof restoration can often be done by applying a thick, waterproof coating to the current roof. These coatings can last up to 10 years. Industrial Roofing Contractors offer a variety of coatings, each with specific traits and goals that they can accomplish. Reflective coatings, for example, send UV rays back into the sky and lower heating bills. Such coatings also extend the lifespan of the roof below. SEBS elastomeric systems provide waterproofing as their main benefit, so they can be used to fix roofs with small leaks.

These are just some of the options that industrial contractors like Roofing Solutions LLC can offer that go beyond new roof installation or reroofing. If you need work done on a flat roof, make sure to ask about all of the possibilities.

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