How to Choose the Best Stage Backdrops

There is quite a lot that goes into setting the stage for an event or performance. The many details involved can shape the audience’s perception and can even impact how a performance progresses. Stage backdrops can be one of the more difficult elements and choosing the best one can be a challenge. In order to choose the best stage backdrop needed, consider some of the following.

Stage Size
The size of the stage itself will be the first thing that needs to be addressed when choosing a stage backdrop. Look at what will be seen by the audience—how much of that needs to be covered with a backdrop? Be precise when estimating size as most stage backdrops have their cost determined by the dimensions of the stage itself. The stage size can also impact how a backdrop can be installed and maintained throughout performances.

The role and usage of stage backdrops for performances need to be addressed when choosing one. Some performances use a single backdrop for the entire performance and do not worry about it once it’s been installed. Others will use multiple backdrops that need to be adjusted and changed throughout, which can get complicated. Certain stage backdrops are used for each situation and can vary on the details of its structure. Addressing usage when choosing a stage backdrop can help ensure that the correct one is chosen and that it will be able to handle the proper wear and tear of the production.

Complex stage backdrops often require complex installation. Most theaters and venues have the proper equipment needed to install a backdrop but it’s not guaranteed. A backdrop also isn’t going to necessarily come with everything it needs to be fully installed. When choosing a stage backdrop, it is best to look at how it needs to be installed and what is needed to do so. Looking at the existing setup of a stage can help narrow down the options and also determine any extras that may be required.

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