Mistakes To Avoid When Buying 2/0 Welding Cable

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Business

As the name implies, a 2/0 welding cable is often used as the cable to make the connection between the electrode and a welding machine. This cable is designed to be highly flexible and also to be very durable to withstand the work conditions in areas where welding is done.

However, this type of cable, because of its ruggedness, durability and flexibility, is also a good choice for other applications as well. As this cable is good for up to 600 volts, it can be used for leads on motors, generators and batteries as well as for arc-welders.

As with any type of cable, there are some common mistakes that can easily be made when buying 2/0 welding cable. To avoid these issues, consider the following when making a purchase.

Not Verifying Alternative Application Use

While welding cable can be used for other specific applications, it is not always the best match. Unless it is a recommended option or an electrical engineer approves the use of welding cable for an alternative use don’t simply substitute this cable for other specialized cable types.

Wrong Size

It is very normal for 2/0 welding cable to feel hot to the touch when the current is flowing through the cable. However, if the welding cable is not sized correctly based on the length of the cable, the rated output of the welder and the duty cycle of the welder it can lead to cable failure and the risk of a potential fire.

Buying cable that is too large is not cost effective while buying cable that is too small is a safety risk. While 2/0 cable for welding is often the best choice, be sure to check and verify it is the right option for the job.

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