Go in Flight: Debunked Myths about Helicopter Rides in New York City

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Business Services

Helicopter flights—they’re not the first vacationing prospect to cross anyone’s mind when thinking about vacationing. But they do present a great prospect that will create memories lasting lifetimes. When it comes down to it, helicopter rides are pretty unique.

Not only that, they’re available to practically anyone nowadays. Helicopter rides aren’t expensive any more. The most expensive will only cost less than $200, taking family expenses into account. Anyone on a budget who wants to spend their spring vacation in New York City should seriously consider helicopter rides.

Myths of NYC Helicopter Rides

Helicopter rides are steadily gaining popularity as a prime tourist attraction. But some people who research helicopter rides might not know enough information about them, if they can even get the right information. The following information addresses some of the myths that people have about helicopter rides in New York City.

Myth: Book Reservations in Advance

While it’s highly recommended to book reservations in advance, many helicopter rides do take walk-in passengers, especially if they arrive on time for the next flight out. Anyone, if they want to fly, will be able to participate in helicopter rides around the Big Apple.

However, people who are booking for a party or a family should make reservations in advance. That will ensure that everyone is able to board the helicopter without any compromised seats.

Myth: Poor Weather Costs More to Accommodate

Poor weather constitutes anything that the pilot and flight company considers too bad for flights. It usually includes excessive lightning and rain, poor visibility, dense snow and/or low clouds. Despite the weather conditions, it won’t cost more to accommodate helicopter rides in New York City, since flights don’t take off if the weather’s not looking good.

Sometimes, the weather is too bad to fly, leaving most people to wonder if it was a good idea to book the flight in the first place. Fortunately, many companies do refund helicopter rides if the weather is too bad to fly. Many also offer to reschedule if the customer desires so.

Myth: Helicopter Flights Aren’t Unique

Helicopter rides in New York City might not seem too remarkable, but they do accomplish one thing that other sightseeing ventures don’t. They allow people to see New York City in a new light.

Much of New York City’s tall buildings are obscured by their sheer height and the density of the surrounding city. Helicopter rides, however, allow people to see practically everything they couldn’t see on ground level.

Many helicopter rides let people see New York City’s best landmarks and locations of interest up close, unlike anything they’ve witnessed before. That alone is an excellent reason to take helicopter rides in New York City.

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