Update Those Range Rover Wheels – Shopping for Land Rover LR2 Wheels

The Range Rover, as one of the most recognizable car brands in the world, is one of the largest luxury vehicles on the market today. As a luxury four-wheel drive SUV, it’s mainly used as a family car, a work vehicle and a means of transport for various organizations.

But, those who want something a little smaller have other options. Its cousin, the Land Rover, is essentially a smaller iteration of the big vehicle, designed as a compact SUV for various uses on-road and off-road.

The Land Rover LR2 is one of the current models on today’s market—and, already, owners are looking to customize the small commute-friendly vehicle.

Shop for Better Wheels

The Land Rover LR2 is a type of Range Rover suited for everyday travel. It’s not as big as its cousin, so anyone can actually drive this car around the city or in town without worrying about its inherent maneuverability around other vehicles.

Not only that, such a car also needs great Range Rover wheels to make sure it remains highly mobile on a regular basis.

Types of Range Rover Wheels

When it comes to Range Rovers and Land Rovers, the most popular wheels are made from aluminum alloy and steel.

Aluminum Alloy

These wheels are used on many vehicles, including Range Rovers and Land rovers. They’re lighter and rarely affect a vehicle’s weight or balance but are prone to erosion.

Since they’re simple to manufacture, aluminum wheels are often produced in different designs, styles and, sometimes, colors. It’s common to see aluminum wheels with some type of polished, painted or chrome-plated style.


Steel wheels are, naturally, heavy-duty. They’re also much stronger than aluminum wheels and are naturally heavier. Steel wheels are harder to customize, so they generally have a more functional aesthetic than a fashionable one.

The Perfect Range Rover Wheels

How does a Land Rover vehicle owner find the perfect Range Rover wheels? Learning about their vehicle is a great start.

The Land Rover LR2, like similar vehicles, requires certain specifications when it comes to its wheel set. Both aftermarket and OEM wheels exist for this particular vehicle; most resources suggest choosing OEM wheels to get rid of any compatibility issues that may arise from aftermarket parts.

Note: Current OEM wheels (2008-2015) measure 7.5 inches wide with a 40-millimeter offset. They also have five lug nuts in a 108-millimeter (4.25 inch) bolt pattern.

The LR2 possesses a stock wheelbase that’s best for accommodating 18 to 19 inch wheels. Larger wheels with lower profile tires are often suggested for regular commuting and use. Off-road commuting, however, is best when using smaller wheels with a higher tire profile.

Whether off-road or on-road, it’s not that hard to search for perfect Range Rover wheels. It’s essential to know more about the vehicle and the wheel type before finalizing any purchase.

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