Facts of Zoom Whitening Treatment in Ann Arbor MI

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Dentist

In recent years, the importance of a personal image has become very important. Regardless of race, age, social status or profession, people want to look good. Everyone wants to undoubtedly feel good, to be comfortable with their appearance. This can improve relationships with family and friends, and even improve your personal and work environment. The Zoom Whitening Treatment in Ann Arbor MI is one way to improve your appearance.

A healthy smile, in particular, has become vital in today’s society. When a person has stained, yellow, misaligned, absent, misshapen or broken teeth, they may strive to consciously laugh or hide their smile in order to hide defects in the teeth. People will put their hand over their mouth when smiling, adjust their lips, laugh with an almost rigid lip, or smile with closed lips, all of which are unmistakable signs of dental problems. These acts are nothing but defense mechanisms to protect and hide a smile that isn’t perfect.

Zoom Whitening Treatment in Ann Arbor MI has positive effects on your dental health and especially your smile. It gives you a pleasant, safe and healthy way to improve your dental harmony. These types of improvements better self-esteem, which can increase job opportunities and personal relationships. Cosmetic surgery is one of the most common ways men and women try to rejuvenate themselves, to look and feel good. The effect of a smile should be harmonious and healthy, giving off a beautiful and natural color. Therefore dentists designed the zoom whitening system to help people get a better physical appearance.

Treatment consists of:

* Consultation and diagnosis

* Cleaning with ultrasound and polishing the crowns, if necessary

* Whitening with the Zoom system

* Fitting for whitening trays that will be used at home

* Bleaching gels for use at home

* Digital Photography (before and after)

* Postoperative control

Requirements for tooth whitening with Zoom!

There are a number of requirements to be met by any candidate before having the Zoom teeth whitening procedure performed at Washtenaw General Dentistry. The ideals for this process are those patients who are in good physical and dental health, so it is advisable to see your dentist for a dental evaluation prior to the procedure.

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