Eradicating Pests: Termite Tenting in San Diego

There are an estimated 4000 varieties of termites in the world. When your home is under attack from one of these voracious little beasts it can feel like all 4000 are taking part in the destruction. The only solution is to find immediate help to eradicate all of the pests because the longer you wait before you begin termite tenting in San Diego, the more expensive the damage will be.

Termites inhabit almost every state in the country and any home can be at risk. These nasty pests enjoy wood so much they will eat 24-hours a day. Despite their small size, they cause problems quickly because they often live in large colonies. This is how they are capable of causing $5 billion in damage in the United States every year.

They can go undetected for a long period of time before they are noticed. Homeowners can increase their chances of finding termites earlier by regularly inspecting their homes. Checking the perimeter of the home and looking closely for signs in wooden beams, doorways and windowsills can help to expose otherwise unnoticed damage.

Typically wood which has been damaged by termites will look similar to that which has had damage from water. This can be peeling or bubbled paint and wood which will feel soft when pressed on. Soil mixed with sawdust and tunnels in the wood are obvious signs.

If you do spot any signs, have an inspection performed by a qualified pest removal service. They are trained to locate any compromised areas and can assess the extent of the damage in your home. How long treatment will take will depend on how far the pests have spread. A small infestation may only take a couple of five minute treatments to eliminate, while an entire house with problems can require a full Termite Tenting in San Diego. This can take up to two days to complete.

If you live in an area that is prone to termite infestations it is suggested that you have regular inspections performed even if you do not think there are any pests in the home. Catching these insects early can save you an enormous amount of money later on.


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