Long Island Ice and Fuel Company and Others Offering Unique Ice Products

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Ice Cube

Businesses and residents in the Long Island and Suffolk County, NY area use bagged ice on a daily basis. They use them for a variety of reasons, including as a means to keep their drinks cold and their food fresh. There are also a number of specialty ice products available in the area for large projects and gatherings as well. These specialty items are a viable solution for sustainable farms that need ice for their delivery trucks. They are also suitable for businesses that host large formal events and gatherings, and even for residents who need products for a special occasion.

Companies in this area, such as the Long Island Ice and Fuel Company, can provide any business or resident with dry ice. Dry ice, which maintains a colder temperature than normal ice, keeps frozen items colder for a longer period of time. It also preserves bagged ice and prevents it from melting quickly. Those who buy and handle dry ice should be advised that they will need to wear insulated gloves while handling or transporting dry ice. It’s extremely cold surface temperature will cause it to stick to bare skin.

Bars, hotels, or even individuals who are planning on hosting a large party can obtain an ice luge from companies in Long Island and Suffolk County. These specially-carved ice blocks are fashioned with tunnels running through them. This ensures that the liquor can be poured through the channels in order to chill it. In many cases, people drink shots of vodka or other hard liquor directly from these channels.

Ice luges are usually ordered pre-carved from companies, but some local ice distributors, such as The Long Island Ice and Fuel Company, also sell ice blocks for customers who want to carve their own luges. Dry ice, custom-carved luges, and other specialty products such as large ice blocks for are all items that are available in the Long Island and Suffolk County area. Businesses that need large amounts of ice to keep perishable items cold may be able to take advantage of wholesale prices that will save them money on an annual basis.

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