Do You Need To See An Implant Dentist in Bethesda MD?

Wondering if you need to see an Implant Dentist in Bethesda MD? This can be hard to determine if you don’t know very much about the field of implant dentistry, but fortunately it is a growing field and there is plenty of excellent information available on the Internet. Perhaps you have always heard a lot about dentures, but you feel that they just aren’t for you. You may think that if you aren’t willing to try dentures that implant dentistry is not the right thing for you either. In fact, dental implants are similar to dentures in many ways, but they are an improvement of the basic denture.

The main goal of your Implant Dentist in Bethesda MD is to give you a permanent solution for your missing teeth. Whether you are missing just one tooth or you have almost no teeth at all, you can choose implants rather than traditional style dentures. Implants are quite different from dentures in one significant way: They are permanent rather than removable. If you have always thought that it would be great to have replacement teeth but you dreaded the constant removal and cleaning of traditional dentures, this might be a great solution.

Implant teeth are usually placed in groups, for example in bridges of several teeth or more. Even more often, dental implants are whole mouth implants that replace dentures. Implant teeth are affixed to your jaw via a complex web of metal work. Your dentist will perform this surgery. It is generally a very straight forward procedure that is performed while you are under anesthesia. It will take some time for the mouth to heal since the dentist will have to make incisions in the gums to place the implants atop or within the bones of the lower or upper jaw. However, implant teeth have the huge advantage of being a part of your mouth that can be treated just as your normal teeth once were.

If dental implants are something that you want to consider, contact your local implant dentistry office. You can Contact Aspen Hill Implant & Family Dentistry PC also to ask for an initial appointment, at which time you can ask any questions that you may have and set up a future date to get your dental implants created. Or you can watch Yotube videos.

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