Do You Need To Hire A Lawyer In Junction City, KS To Get The Accident Settlement You Deserve?

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, but the aftermath can last for a lifetime. Permanent pain and disabilities are accompanied by enormous bills for ongoing medical treatment. The normal bills don’t stop – in fact, extra costs for childcare, household maintenance and travel can increase monthly expenses.

When the accident is due to someone’s negligence, the insurance company will offer a settlement. Is it worthwhile to hire an attorney? Experience matters. The accident adjuster and the insurance company’s attorneys spend their careers negotiating settlements. They have formulas that they use to estimate the amount of the offer. Most important, their bosses are happiest when the settlement is low. It’s entirely possible to get a quick settlement without an attorney’s assistance. However, the full extent of injuries and estimated future medical bills will probably not be known when the first settlement offer is received.

There are many reasons why a lawyer is usually able to obtain a larger settlement.

1. The Lawyer Junction City KS will be able to estimate what a fair settlement would be and will know when the offer is ridiculously low.

2. Lawyers are experienced negotiators and understand insurance companies.

3. Lawyers understand what evidence will be required and conduct necessary investigations.

4. If arbitration or mediation would be the best route to pursue, the Lawyer Junction City KS will know how to arrange that.

5. If the case ultimately goes to court (most injury cases do not), there will be legal papers, motions, etc. that must be handled knowledgeably and professionally.

6. Sometimes it’s necessary to hire outside experts; attorneys do this regularly and know who to call.

7. Medical malpractice cases require attorneys with specific expertise in this area as these cases can be very complex and expensive to pursue.

8. Accident cases can be very complex. For example, the driver who hit your car might claim that their brakes were defective. If that is true, the other driver could share blame for the accident with the brake manufacturer and the brake shop who installed the brakes.

The Oleen Law Firm has 30 years of experience fighting aggressively for the rights of those injured because of another negligence. Each Lawyer Junction City KS understands and respects all of the negative changes brought by the accident. Call to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about how the firm can help you receive the fair settlement you deserve. Click here to know more.

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