Do You Need Outdoor Accent Lighting?

Many people are unsure just how and where to use outdoor accent lighting in their yard or landscaped area. Additionally, many people may have ideas, but are concerned about the cost of operating outdoor lighting as it can add significantly to monthly electrical bills if tied into the main power supply.

The best solution to this very real problem is to use solar powered lighting. This is not the simple one fixture and one tiny solar panel option, rather it is a set of specific light running off of a battery charged by a larger solar array. This provides top quality lighting over a larger area, but without any ongoing cost to the homeowner.

There are many different ways to incorporate outdoor accent lighting in an outdoor space. With the freedom of positioning the fixtures that is offered through solar power, the possibilities are limitless and very inexpensive to both install and to continue to use for years to come.

Light Pools
Over a garden area, around a corner in a walkway or simply to draw attention to a specific feature in the landscape, traditional types of fixtures that create a pool or a circle of light are going to be amazing.

These are often brass or copper fixtures with a standard or more modern shade type of fixture to direct the light downwards. Their natural look lets them blend into the landscape during the day, and also allows them to add subtle color and light to the landscape by night.

Uplights are not the same as floodlights, but they can be used in similar decorating styles. They provide a more diffuse light that shines upwards, perfect to highlight trees, fences, the home, or other taller or larger items in the landscape.

This type of lighting can also be used in a water fountain or against the sides of a pagoda or gazebo to just highlight the area without flooding the area with light. They create a gentle, soft and warm type of lighting that is perfect for adding an exclamation point to a central focus area.

The opposite of uplights are downlights, and they are designed to highlight features closer to the ground. They are perfect on railed walkways, fences, and on trees to provide a soft light in the areas below.

There are many other types of outdoor accent lighting available. In virtually any landscaped area, outdoor lighting will provide a year-round option for enjoyment. Talk to your lighting supplier to find out which styles of light are right for your home.

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