What Does A Safety Technician Do?

In most cases, the Occupational Health and Safety Technician performs a variety of tasks that design, inspect and test jobs to make sure they are safe for people to do. Many times, unsafe tasks must still be completed, so the person in charge will decide what equipment is necessary to ensure that the employee is as safe as possible.

These technicians can work in many industries, including mines, large corporations, government enforcement agencies, and the like.


This job is serious and requires someone who has gone to school and earned a degree in Public Safety and/or Healthcare Management. Their primary tasks include gathering information, filling out forms and writing reports. They observe, test and inspect things based on their settings and the hazards that usually come with those settings. For example, the healthcare industry will have different requirements than a mine.

Mine examiners could test the equipment and air of the mine while hygienists may get samples and determine working conditions on the factory floor. Environmental officers may make sure that waste is disposed of correctly while offices may focus on ergonomics.


Most companies prefer someone who has completed an associate’s degree or certificate, and should enter into the field by extensive hands-on training. Education is necessary, particularly since some duties may require you to know anatomy, physiology, physics or chemistry.

They must understand current OSHA rules, assessment techniques, and the like. They may be required to complete continuing education courses to brush up on their understanding of the rules.

Essential Skills

A safety technician must be able to use a computer well, pay close attention to detail, and have very precise oral and written communication skills. Even a minute thing could cause an accident where the company could be held liable, so it is important that they focus their attention on everything.

They may also have to solve complex problems, determine the best course of action to take with dangerous tasks and talk to other employees or supervisors.

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