Color Catalog Printing for Optimum Representation

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Business & Investment

If you’re putting out a color catalog, you’re ready to let the world see your products and the pride you take in them. Do it right. color catalog printing is more than taking a picture and printing it. Have you ever ordered a sweater you thought was blue only to get it and find out it’s actually gray? Someone didn’t do a very good job. Color management is imperative for an accurate representation of your products and your company.

Extensive Process
Creating and printing colors that are true is an important process that should never be overlooked.
* Color matching is the process that keeps a product the same color throughout the printing chain. To make sure excellent color reproduction is achieved, every image should be evaluated and modified to meet exact requirements. Color corrections and product color matching are also extremely important. Make sure your color catalog printing company has the experts on staff who can deliver this every time.
* Color Quality: Consistent and predictable color must be maintained throughout the entire print production workflow. Select a printing company that has system in place that keeps the integrity of your colors in tact from prepress to retouching the finished product.
* Color Management: A reputable and respected catalog printing company will ensure quality color service using a web offset printing press platform. By combining accurate color management with color management software that’s proven and quality color proofing at the end of the process, a color catalog printing company will meet your highest expectations.

Your Catalog Represents You
Remember that your catalog represents you, your company and your products. Make sure your catalog sells your products the way you would sell them. Make sure your products look like they really look, and make sure they colors of your products in the catalog are true to the products that will be delivered to your customers. A well designed, quality photographed and creatively written catalog can increase your sales and your bottom line. If you’ve been in business for a while and have never put out a catalog, it’s worth looking into to give your sales a boost. If your company is just starting out, a quality catalog is a great introduction to you and your products.

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