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by | May 25, 2017 | Camping

Looking for an outdoor event venue for rent? New Jersey is full of gorgeous outdoor venues where you can enjoy the gorgeous weather from late spring through early fall, which can make it difficult to decide which venue is perfect for your event. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking an outdoor venue for your next large event:

  1. What is your budget? Some people will tell you that budget should not be a priority consideration, but realistically your budget is going to impact a number of other decisions, so knowing your budget before you begin planning can help you pick an ideal space.
  2. How many people will be attending? Along with the number of attendees, you need to think about the age range of attendees and whether the demographics of your party will dictate any special needs for your venue.
  3. What type of event do you want to have? While outdoor venues may lend themselves more naturally to more casual events, some venues are well-suited to creating elegant, formal outdoor events. However, trying to have a formal event in a venue that does not have the infrastructure in place can be extremely difficult.
  4. When will you be having the event? Some outdoor venues are great places for summer events, but not well-suited to outings when the weather is cooler. A related concern is, if the event will be held in a traditionally rainy season, does the venue have pavilions or other indoor facilities in the event of a rain-out?
  5. Where is the venue located? From the gorgeous rolling lands of upstate New York to the magic of the Poconos in Pennsylvania, there are many outdoor venue spaces in the New Jersey area, but which ones are within a reasonable distance for most of your attendees or close to airports and/or train stations?
  6. What type of amenities does the venue offer? Many outdoor venues offer rustic bathroom facilities, which might be appropriate for more casual affairs, but insufficient for more formal affairs. Does the facility offer catering services? If not, does it have a kitchen or dining area that your vendors can use.
  7. Does the venue offer clean-up and set-up services, or will you be responsible for contracting for those services?

Black Bear Lake is proud to offer one of the best outdoor event venues in the New Jersey area. From amazing outdoor activities to customizable cuisine, we can help you coordinate the perfect outdoor event.

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