Why You Need The Rocket R58 Espresso Machine

If you’re interested in brewing fresh coffees at home, then you may want to consider the Rocket R58 espresso machine. It is designed with the user in mind and is perfect for those who want the best. It includes two heavy-duty copper boilers, both of which are insulated. You’ll get a consistent cup each time. Their dual boilers ensure that you get efficient brewing and steaming. Traditional machines only have one boiler that must be used for heating and frothing. With two boilers, you get dedication to your preference, giving you a warmer cup of coffee each time.

Adjustable Feet

They want to make it easier for those who have low cabinets, so they made height-adjustable feet so you can lower it to your specifications.


You can connect this product directly to your main water line, ensuring that you can save time and get coffee whenever you want. However, you can also use the built-in reservoir and refill the tank as needed.

Dual PID Temp Control

Each boiler can have the temperature controlled manually, ensuring that you get a customized shot of coffee based on your preferences. This control feature plugs into the side, ready to go.

Commercial Parts

The Rocket R58 espresso machine is designed with all commercial-grade components, including an E61 heated group head, heavy-duty portafilter, and rotary pump. All of these features are usually found in commercial machines, but can now be found in your home. The rotary pump is very quiet and can help you adjust the pump pressure. You won’t have to worry about waking up the neighborhood just because you want a short or two.


The coffee beans you choose have a flavor and aroma all their own but are usually masked when brewed. However, with dual pre-infusion, the grounds are doused evenly each time.

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