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Leaks of any type in any system can have a devastating effect on the overall efficiency of that system and on the level of energy wasted during operation. By one estimate, a compressed air system that is suffering from a leak can lose up to 30% of output. With the performance of a compressed air leak survey, you can be on the path to reducing such leaks to a level under 5% of the compressor’s output. Some businesses have found and fixed leaks that allowed them to run on fewer compressors, thanks to the improved efficiency of others.

Reduced Efficiency

When you discover these problems with a compressed air leak survey, you not only upgrade the condition of the air system itself but you also improve the efficiency of tools and equipment that rely on the system pressure. Continuing this train of thought, you’ll find that inefficiency creeps down the line through tools and equipment to overall production. This is not the result that you intended to produce when you invested in and constructed the operation in the first place.

When you put this essential testing and surveying in the capable hands of professionals, you can stop profits from venting into the surrounding air. The survey process includes the use of ultrasonic equipment that can find the tiniest air leaks and nitrogen leaks.

Valuable Information

You will receive a detailed report on the survey, showing the location of the leak, a description of what the specialist found, the loss in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and a loss estimate in annual dollars. The leading providers of testing and the compressed air leak survey invite you to have a staff mechanic accompany the survey/test crew so that basic repairs can be made as the survey proceeds. Many of the leaks can be repaired during the ongoing survey.

Don’t let air system leaks reduce your efficiency and affect your bottom line. Make the smart call today.

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