Wood Fireplace Inserts: Efficient, Environmentally Friendly And Pleasing

Wood crackles as a fire burns brightly. Its warmth spreads throughout your body, touching memories of campfires and nights spent under the stars. There is something appealing about a wood fire. For those who long to recapture those memories, there are real fireplaces. For those who desire the pleasure of the fire but want to escape many of the problems, there are wood fireplace inserts.

What Are Wood Fireplace Inserts?

Wood fireplace inserts are fire boxes that have been designed with your desire to have a fireplace in mind. They fit tightly into a structure that already exists such as a fireplace. When positioned correctly into this or another interior masonry structure, the insert operates like a wood fireplace. It:

 * Uses the current chimney as a vent
 * It provides a room with warmth
 * It uses wood
 * It produces a real fire

However, wood fireplace inserts are not the same as a wood stove or a traditional fireplace. They are more efficient. The airtight box that comprises the insert draws air from the room in which it is located. It then circulates it around the fireplace insert before releasing it back into the same room – redistributing it as heated air. You can buy versions with blowers to improve the speed and efficiency of this method.

Basic Benefits of Wood Fireplace Inserts

During the process of air exchange involving wood burning fireplace inserts, very little of the admitted air is lost in the chimney. This is because of its tight – in fact airtight, construction. The result of the design means not merely efficient and quick heating of a room but also savings on your energy bill. The ability to use only the wood fireplace inserts means you do not have to run other methods of heating at the same time. Since most furnaces are reliant on fossil fuels, this decreases not only your monetary cost but your environmental footprint.

Overall, the benefits of wood fireplace inserts are the following:

 * Energy efficiency
 * Clean heating
 * Room heating capabilities are superior to previous wood burning fireplaces
 * Quality of air is cleaner than traditional fireplaces
 * The fire is real

These are all benefits you can derive from choosing wood fireplace inserts. Yet, this does not mean you have to give up appearances for functionality. A wood fireplace insert may be practical, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing. In fact, its appearances can range from traditional rustic to contemporary elegance. Is it any wonder that many people are eschewing traditional wood burning fireplace for their modern counterpart – wood fireplace inserts.

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