Tower Construction Happening All Over Minnesota

The cell phone industry has exploded in recent years. In trying to keep up with the latest advancements, cell tower construction seems to be going on throughout Minnesota. What has caused this and are we keeping up?

Ever-Changing Technology is One Factor
As stated, keeping up with all the new developments in cell phone advancements is a key component in the explosion of the construction of towers. Minnesota is certainly not the only state that has experienced this growth; cell phones are used all over the world and are very quickly replacing landline telephone service in many areas. As cell phones usage expands, the need for more towers expands.

Aspects of Tower Construction
From foundation to grounding, there are several steps to the construction of cell towers. Some towers are constructed by stacking monopoles. Others use a self-supporting lattice system of towers. Still others are guyed towers. Guy wire testing and tensioning are necessary to this type of construction. Minnesota has each type of these towers throughout the state.

Sometimes a tower must be removed, or decommissioned. This requires the services of a company that constructs cell towers. These companies can also upgrade or modify existing towers to meet new standards or requirements.

Other services offered include tower audits and inspections. These services help to ensure the tower is working at maximum efficiency. They will also point out any needs for upgrades, modifications or even decommissioning.

An Industry That is Here to Stay
It is probably safe to say that tower construction is an industry that will be around for a very long time. While there will certainly be changes to the industry, for now cell towers are part of the fabric of our environment. Should the time come when something comes along to replace the towers, there will still be a need for companies who can decommission the towers?

It is very hard to predict the future, but the industry of constructing towers is one that will be needed for a very long time. This is an industry that has proven itself to be one that adapts to change rapidly. Tower construction and Minnesota – and indeed the whole world – go hand in hand with global communication.

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