Why Electricians and Mechanics Cannot Ignore Polyimide Tapes

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Business

There are different types of tapes for industrial use. The use of the tape is determined by the properties of the tape and the material used to make the tape.

Outstanding Qualities of Polyimide Tapes

The tape is made using polyimide film and silicon adhesive. Polyimide can withstand very high and very low temperature. This quality makes the tape good for applications where there is extreme weather, demanding environments and a lot of vibration. Silicone is among the best adhesives in the industry today. Its ability to perform excellently in very low and very high temperatures compliments the ability of polyimide. The adhesive can withstand weathering and moisture and it maintains high bonds.

The Use of the Tape in Electrical and Automotive Industries

The two industries require tapes which are stiff and tough for tight bonds. Chemical temperature and resistance as well as flexibility of the tape make it ideal for use in automotive. Polyimide tapes can withstand temperature resistance of between -100°F and 500°F. No matter the environment that you use the tape; it does not warp and it is tear resistant. In the electrical industry, the tape is used in splicing insulating layers and in connecting different parts of the electrical system.

Additional Uses of the Tape

The specific areas where the tape is used include the cell phone industry, solder wave process, aerospace, electronics assembly, 3D printing, automotive, aerospace and in solar panels. We are the largest polyimide tape manufacturers. The tape is available at affordable rates per yard. If you want custom made tape, the company is willing to make for you as long as you make an order. The quality of the tape is both REACH and RoHS compliant.

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