Why 3 Person Towable Tubes Make a Great Choice

A ski boat is just the first major investment in outdoor recreation and water sports. To take the experience to the next level, accessories, such as towables need to be purchased. These additions can go a long way in helping ensure the entire family has a blast each time a boat heads out. One of the best choices for this type of purchase – beyond the water skis themselves – are 3 person towable tubes.

While it’s true 3 person towable tubes might be more expensive than single-rider options. There are some very compelling reasons to consider this size purchase rather than a solo tube or one that is much larger. Here are just a few:

Easier Enjoyment for Larger Outings

When family and friends come aboard for an on-water adventure, going one at a time on an inflatable can be a real pain in the neck. When 3 person towable tubes are selected instead of single options, it’s easier to accommodate all riders. Plus, these designs tend to still be rather sleek in some cases, which means they can be towed a bit faster than a much larger design, adding to the excitement level.

They Provide More Ability to Supervise

Allowing young children to ride on towables designed for just one can be a bit frightening for parents. When a three person design is selected instead, a mom, dad or older sibling can go along for the ride, adding a bit of security to the experience.

It’s More Fun

While it’s true three-person designs tend to cost a bit more, they enhance the enjoyment level of being towed by having other people along for the experience. This is just a great way to help a group of kids spend a fun day on the water or an entire family.

Towables are serious purchase though, so do keep a few things in mind when making a purchase selection. A solid three-person design will be made of high quality materials with a tow bar included for easy hook up to the towing craft. Make sure the materials are highly visible and consider a higher profile for a smoother, more enjoyable ride for passengers. Safety features, such as tough materials that resist puncturing, are also critical.


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