Commonly Asked Questions About Septic Pumping In West Milford, NJ

When your septic system malfunctions because of an overflowing septic tank, the repairs can be costly. To keep your septic system functioning properly, regular maintenance is necessary. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn why you should contact an experienced Septic Pumping West Milford NJ, company to pump out your tank.

Q.) What are the signs that indicate a septic tank needs pumping?

A.) The first sign you’ll notice is that the drains and toilets in your house are draining slowly because the pipes are clogged. This leads to sewage backups in your house drains. When the sewage backs up in your house, examine your septic drain field for wetness on the top of the ground. When your tank overflows, the liquid sewage saturates the ground and, eventually, seeps to the surface. When this happens, immediately contact a Septic Pumping West Milford NJ, company to pump your tank.

Q.) How does a septic service professional pump a septic tank?

A.) First, a professional from a Septic Pumping West Milford NJ, area company will inspect your septic system and confirm it needs to be pumped. The professional will take the vacuum hose from the pump truck and drag it over to your septic tank. After placing the hose in the tank, the professional will turn on the vacuum to pump out the sludge. The professional may use a long-handled rake to stir and loosen the sludge as it’s being pumped out. After the tank is pumped, the professional will remove the hose and place the lid back on your tank.

Q.) How often is it recommended to have a septic tank pumped out?

A.) To prevent sewage backup into your home or in your drain field, have your tank pumped out at least every three years. If your drains act sluggish, contact a professional who works for a Septic Pumping West Milford NJ, area company to inspect your tank and measure the sludge level.

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