What is a Planetary Gearbox?

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services

The planetary gear system is made up of three elements the sun, ring and one or more planet gears. In the center of this device it the sun gear that will transfer rotation to the planet gears that surround the sun. The ring gear is the internal part of the device that has a tooth formation of the external planet and sun gears. These devices are created in various sizes and arranged to produce an expansive range of speed ratios. You can find planetary gears in a variety of objects from clocks to toys however, they are commonly found in turbine engines and gearhead motors. From ski lifts to military ships these mechanisms are vital in providing power to create the force required to set a machine into motion. If you are searching for a planetary gearbox in New Haven, you should find a well-established, respected business. One that strives to provide their clients with the finest customer service available.

How a Planetary Gearbox Works

In order for this system to work correctly, there have to be a number of teeth in each gear to help set the gear ratio of the device. The ratio will determine how fast the unit will rotate. For example one that is configured to 6:1 means that the sun will revolve six times while the planet gears will rotate one time. When set to the correct ratio the device can provide a higher power mass than a parallel axis gear. It is important to configure the ratio correctly to maximize the amount of power or speed the system will produce. The amount of power that will be coming into the mechanical device to help it operate properly is determined by the gearbox.

Consult a Professional for Repairs or Installation of a Planetary Gearbox

When it comes to installing or repairing a planetary gearbox you want to find a company that has years of experience of working with this type of mechanism. From inspections to gear training seminars, you can benefit from contacting a technician to help you keep your gears in optimal operating conditions. They can inspect the device to determine if there is a problem with the tool. If there is the skilled staff will have the knowledge required to help you determine which solution could benefit you. You should find a trustworthy company that strive to provide their customers with quality service and products.

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