We Recommend Plastisol Transfers for Premium T-Shirt Designs

We recommend plastisol transfers here at Gulfside Heat Transfers because they are not only affordable, they are easy to order and to place on t-shirt or sweatshirt designs. With these screen printed transfers, you can also become quite the designer even if you have to delegate the design work to one of our design artists here at Gulfside.

The screen printed plastisol transfers that we sell are screen printed on a release paper that is premium-coated. Only the best transfer inks are utilized. The inks that we use here at Gulfside are indeed durable as they typically outlast the apparel on which they are pressed. Plus, you have a wide variety of ink colors at your disposal. Therefore, you can, indeed, print quite a vibrant design for t-shirts, sweatshirts or even sweatpants or baseball caps.

In order to facilitate the ordering process, you need to first choose a sheet size before selecting the colors you want for the design. Then send in the order to us at Gulfside Transfers or obtain a custom quote.

What We Will Accept

In order to submit artwork for plastisol transfers, there are some specific guidelines you need to follow. The print-ready artwork that we receive for customized designs is considered production-ready. Therefore, they do not require any modifications. You just submit a print-ready file online electronically. The acceptable file formats that we use are:

1. Adobe Photoshop (saved in PSD file format with all of the layers intact). The file should be saved at final print size as well as at 300DPI.

2. Illustrator – saved at final print size with the fonts and colors outlined and labeled accordingly.

3. Corel Draw, Adobe PDF and Adobe Illustrator (with Vector formatting retained). All the files should be exported only as an EPS with all fonts converted to outlines or curves.

Unacceptable Files

Unacceptable non-print-ready files include any designs created in the Microsoft Office Suite including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Publisher, WPS and Docx.

Of course, we know here at Gulfside Transfers that you will need the right media to transport your print-ready artwork. We suggest you send the file via DVD, media drive, CDS or via hard copy, which is suitable for scanning. The maximum scannable sized image that we will accept is 11” x 17”. If your file contains fewer than 20 MB, then you can e-mail the submission to us. Any file that is over 20 MB can be uploaded to a file hosting site such as Dropbox along with a link to the file and sent in an e-mail correspondence. Direct the correspondence to either our sales representative or to our art department.

Just remember that the majority of web images that are taken from the Internet are usually low resolution and, therefore, cannot be used for print-ready artwork. Therefore, we normally have to charge extra in order to make the designs print-ready for t-shirts.

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