Understanding Rabies: The Risks of Not Getting Your dog Immunized

No one likes to have to take their pet to the vet for immunizations, but Dog Shots are an important part of being a good pet owner. Rabies is a deadly disease which can not only infect your pets, but can even sicken and kill the people the animal is in contact with. Here is a little more information about what could happen if you neglect to properly immunize your best friend.

Rabies vaccines are required in order to license a pet and can lead to fines if they are not licensed. If your dog bites another dog or a person they will be put in quarantine. If you have provided them with their immunizations on schedule, their quarantine is often allowed to be served at home. But dogs who have not been immunized will need to spend their quarantine at a shelter or veterinary clinic. You will be responsible for all of the boarding, feeding and other expenses while they are in quarantine.

A rabid animal can be anywhere. Should you decide not to vaccinate your dog because they never leave the yard, you are leaving your pet at risk. If a rabid animal attacks them in the yard, or is even just walking through, your pet can contract the disease and will need to be euthanized.

Any other pets in the household which may have been in contact with the animal or with your exposed dog, will need to be quarantined and may also contract the disease. You and your spouse, children or anyone else who has been near your pet will need to have preventative injections.

The financial costs can be devastating, but the loss of an entire household of pets will be even more upsetting. If your pet has infected others in your neighborhood you could even face civil charges if they decided to file a suit against you.

Protecting your dog, and yourself, against all of this is easy. Dog Shots in Mesa AZ area are affordable and after their first vaccination are only required every three years. Do the right thing and protect your best friend, get them immunized today.

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