Types Of Garage Door Services In Charleston, WV

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Garage Door Supplier

In West Virginia, garage doors boast a collection of features that are beneficial for homeowners. Security features lower common risks such as auto theft and home invasions. Motion detection prevents the door from closing on the homeowner. A local contractor performs Garage Door Services in Charleston WV for homeowners.

Replacing the Springs

Garage doors have two types of springs. Extension springs are installed around top tracks at each side of the door. The torsion springs are connected at the top of the door when it is closed. The springs are replaced whenever they break or fail. Squeaking noises are the first sign of spring issues. The contractor applies a lubricant to the springs to fix the issue. The springs are replaced if the lubricant doesn’t fix the issue.

Replacing Broken Cables

Cables are needed to pull the door panels upward when the door opens. Unfortunately, the cables come off the door pulleys when issues arise. The cables aren’t expensive, but the homeowner needs to hire a contractor to install new cables. The cables break if they are mismanaged and are likely to cause injuries.

New Garage Door Openers

Common issues with the garage door opener include a failure to open or close entirely. A faulty garage door openers make grinding noises and could emit smoke when they start. The homeowner contacts a contractor to replace the garage door opener. New models provide additional features including motion detection which prevents common injuries.

Panel Replacement Services

Storm damage or sudden accidents are common reasons for replacing the door panels. Luckily, the paneled design allows the owner to replace one panel instead of the entire door. The contractor has suppliers who help them find panels that match perfectly. Fabricators design panels for products that have been discontinued. The replacement services don’t take a lot of time and are relatively inexpensive.

In West Virginia, garage doors come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. Each selection presents maintenance requirements for homeowners. A local contractor provides repairs and replacement services when issues emerge. Homeowners who need Garage Door Services in Charleston WV contact Garage Door Operators Inc. and schedule an appointment now. Follow us on Twitter.

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