Troubleshooting Pilot Light Issues And Gas Furnace Repair In Manhattan

When your gas furnace stops working, the reason is often due to a malfunction with the pilot light. Because gas furnaces can be dangerous to work with, contact a professional who specializes in Gas Furnace Repair in Manhattan. If you do decide to troubleshoot the furnace yourself, turn off the gas at the main line before you start. Below you’ll learn about common pilot light problems and repairs.

Insufficient Flame

If the pilot light flame is too small, it won’t be able to light the burner. To increase the size of the flame, a professional will have to turn the adjustment screw until the flame is large enough to ignite the burner.

Inadequate Gas Flow

When the pilot light fails to stay lit, there may not be enough gas in the reservoir to maintain the flame. Look at the gauge on your gas tank to find out if you have a sufficient amount of gas in the tank. If you have enough gas in your tank, make sure that the supply lines that run from the tank are fully open.

Faulty Thermocouple

As you light the pilot light in your gas furnace, the thermocouple is responsible for opening the main gas line so the burners will light. When the thermocpuple malfunctions, the main line won’t open. The pilot light will often stay lit, but the furnace won’t kick on. A technician will first inspect the wiring to look for problems. If the wiring is good, the technician will need to replace the thermocouple.

Dirty Pilot Light Tip

After years of use, the tip of the pilot light can become dirty and fail to continue working. Smoke residue collects on the tip and when this happens, the gas cannot flow through the tip as the pilot light ignites. If this is the reason why your furnace isn’t working, a technician who does Gas Furnace Repair in Manhattan will clean the tip so that the gas can fully flow through to ignite your furnace.

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