Tips for Selecting the Right Font for Business Signage

For many years, the “world’s most hated font” has been Comic Sans. However, you may wonder why selecting the right typeface is such an important decision. What is it about a certain font that can attract people to read your business signs in Illinois or to look away? An even more important question is how to pick an effective font for your signage.

Consider Readability

The readability of your signs is a huge factor that you need to consider. The font that you select for your branding and your business signs in Illinois needs to be easy to read and it should not overpower the actual text. There are some fonts that are extremely distracting due to their ornate design, which means they take away from the actual text. Try to find a font that offers legible letters, as well as clear spacing in between the letters and words on your signs. This will allow readers to focus on what the signs say rather than the font.

Find a Font that Suits Your Business

Another important factor to keep in mind when selecting a font is how well it will suit your business. One of the biggest issues with Comic Sans is that no one takes it seriously. It gives off the impression of something that is playful or informal, which means that it is not appropriate for your business signs in Illinois. When selecting the font you want to use, think about the tone or image that the font portrays and whether or not it suits your specific business and the type of image that you want others to have of the business.

Taking the time to consider the font you use on your business signs will help you create something that gets the results you are seeking.

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