Tips For Lower Costs On Residential AC In Richmond VA

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Plumbing

Homes are continually competing with the weather conditions to keep an inside environment contained and steady. Some energy research companies have suggested that heating and cooling account for roughly 50 percent of a person’s energy costs during their lifetime. Other people theorize that it’s actually more than just a mere 50 percent. Regardless, there are a few ways that people can save money on their Residential AC in Richmond VA during the summer.

One way that people keep their homes cooler is through ceiling fans. Ceiling fans do more than just move around air. They keep the air conditioner running more effectively keeping residents more comfortable. Having a ceiling fan run on a regular basis can reduce energy bills. During the summer time, the ceiling fan’s blades should rotate counter-clockwise. The counter-clockwise rotation will push down cold air. This motion can help keep a rooming feeling 3 to 5 degrees cooler.

While 3 to 5 degrees cooler may not seem like such a significant amount to some home owners, this does have a lasting effect on one energy’s bill. The reduction causes the thermostat to feel cooler thus preventing the air conditioning unit from running as often. This is especially important during the daytime when many home owners are gone to work and the temperatures outside are the hottest. Thermostats need to checked regularly to make sure that are compatible with the cooling equipment and accurately adjusting the home’s temperature.

Another way to reduce costs is to use good, thick curtains. Curtains that prevent light from coming in the window can help out with the home’s overall heat level. During the summer months, windows without curtains allow the sun to shine through the glass heating the home.

If seeking an upgrade or immediate repair to an air conditioning unit, it’s a good idea to contact HVAC services. When a unit becomes damaged, it can quickly become an environmental hazard and raise that month’s energy costs. Some HVAC providers will even offer their clients same-day services to help them save money. M.A. Williams Inc. is one provider of HVAC services. Their business provides installation and repair in Residential AC in Richmond VA. You can also check their Facebook page.

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