The Lightweight and Durable Custom Aluminum Extrusion

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Small Business

Aluminum extrusions offer durability and strength in a totally recyclable material. They are created when blocks of aluminum are heated and pressed through a die of special designs. If a die can be made, an extrusion can be fashioned. Cylinders of aluminum called billets are sometimes blended with other metals such as copper or manganese. Blends depend on what their job will be and can even enhance conductivity or prevent corrosion.


The flexibility of aluminum allows for various designs and uses for extrusions. Dies and alloys are designed to render the desired finished product. The custom aluminum extrusion is used in the building of cars, airplanes, trains and boats and almost every type of vehicle. They are found in cabinets, appliances and tools. Aluminum extrusions are light, and offer a high weight to strength ratio. They are low cost, and offer incredible durability.


The custom aluminum extrusion is used extensively in modern day construction. A favorite of architects and designers, it’s friendly to the environment, and it offers a total recyclable material. They are corrosive resistant which prevents rust and decay to provide a long service life. Aluminum is odorless, and it has a low melting point making it safe and easy to manufacture. It’s non-magnetic, and non-sparking. Aluminum extrusions are used extensively in the aerospace industry because of its unique properties.

Design Possibilities

Factors in producing a custom extrusion include the layout, type and die design. Billet length and the type of alloy are considerations that affect temperature and speed. Tooling is inexpensive, and possibilities in design are countless. Patio furniture and sporting equipment often have a custom aluminum extrusion as a component because of its lightweight and low cost. An aluminum extrusion was used in the construction of the International Space Station.

Other advantages of custom aluminum extrusions are its highly reflective properties for use in shielding from light and infrared radiation, and aluminum is non-combustible. Even at high temperatures aluminum doesn’t produce poisonous fumes. An aluminum extrusion will accept any finish, and the finished product is seamless. Components are stronger, and because they are one piece there is nothing to come loose or leak over time. They are a flexible and resilient product able to stand up to harsh use, and withstand the strains of impact.

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