Choosing a Manufacturer of Plastic Bag Machine Parts

Most people don’t give a second thought to what goes into making plastic bags that hold everything from groceries to dry cleaning. If you are a manufacturer of plastic bags, you know how crucial it is for your plastic bag machines to operate flawlessly. A broken part can be costly because it can interrupt operations, causing you to miss shipping deadlines or lose business.

Fortunately, you can establish a relationship with a plastic bag machine parts manufacturer that can ensure that your bag machine’s downtime is kept to a minimum. The following list contains some characteristics you should look for when you are choosing a company to supply plastic bag machine parts.

  • The manufacturer should make and stock parts for several brands of machines.
  • The manufacturer should use an ordering and shipping process that gets parts to you quickly.
  • The manufacturer should be able to use reverse engineering to create parts that are not part of the general inventory.
  • Parts should be manufactured to OEM specifications.

Choose a Manufacturer with a Variety of Stock and Easy Ordering
When a plastic bag machine breaks down, you should be able to call customer service or visit the manufacturer’s website to order the part and receive it quickly. The manufacturer that maintains a good supply of parts makes the process easier.

A manufacturer that values your business will have resources that help you locate the part you need without wasting time. An online catalog with photos, drawings and specifications can help you find what you need fast, which can expedite ordering and shipping.

Choose a Manufacturer that Can Meet Your Need for Special Orders
A manufacturer of plastic bag machine parts may not always have the part you need in stock. However, if the company uses reverse engineering, you can request to have a part built for your machine. Reverse engineering is simply breaking down the defective part to see how was made and building a new part based on the original design.

The new part should meet OEM specifications, meaning that it is built exactly like the original. A replacement plastic bag machine part that meets OEM specifications should work as well as the original part.

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