The importance of vision systems in the proofing process

Vision systems detect errors prior to production so they can be altered in time. This saves a company on having to correct errors after the fact which can be costly and ineffective. The addition of vision systems to the proofing process increases accuracy and assures a professional end result for any printing project. When it comes to large volume printing projects, it is essential to have an effective proofing system in place and vision systems provide exactly that.

Accurate error detection

As a trusted high speed security print inspection solution, vision systems allow for complete accuracy throughout the web printing process. They have advanced capabilities and can detect any errors in font, spacing, or other errors in the copy of a prepress production project. Whether there is a missing label, or other typical defect, a quality vision system can easily pick up on these errors and alert the operator in time to make the appropriate changes.

Optimizing the proofing process

Vision systems optimize the proofing process and ensure the business that the outcome of the project will be in alignment with the intended result. Any errors will be reported prior to production thus minimizing unneeded expense and time spent correcting post production defects and errors. Any business in any industry can benefit from the inclusion of vision systems in their proofing processes.

Cost effective solutions

Hiring and training employees to perform manual inspections is cumbersome and ineffective. A human inspector is not capable of the ratios of accuracy provided with advanced technology. Instead of overpaying for a service and increasing the risk of error, it is much more cost effective to invest one time in high technology vision systems. This results in less errors and better results for the organization.

Adding vision systems to the proofing process is a smart move for businesses in a variety of different industries. There are several different types of vision systems available depending on the need of the business. By taking the time to make the best selection, it is possible to have a highly functioning, advanced error detection solution working hard 24 hours a day or whenever needed. The system can be utilized at any time using simple to operate software.

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