Smart Metering, Smart Move

One term that Americans are going to become more familiar with is “smart metering.” This is all part of a move to make water consumption (as well as hydro electricity usage) more responsible. This is also part of a strong environmental movement – one that is slowly convincing average Americans of their need to be frugal in all aspects of their life.

What Are Smart Meters?

Smart metering involves the installation of devices called smart meters. These are a new type of monitor and recorder the amount of water consumption within a residence. They are digital electronic devices that have two-way communication capability. In other words, smart meters record the amount of water used by the residences. They also communicate this specific data back to the central recording system.

The recording system may be a utility company. It can also be a services hired by the owner of the property. In both instances, the smart meters send the information back for analysis. Smart metering is an asset for everyone involved.

What Does Smart Metering Do?

By installing smart meters, residential and commercial owners are providing themselves with an excellent too. The main purpose of smart metering is to determine the level of water consumption. While the focus is on the amount of water used, smart meters also provide consumers and residential owners alike the chance to receive complete information on their water consumption patterns.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Metering?

Smart metering is being utilized across the States because it has proven itself to be beneficial to a variety of concerned individuals. The overall benefits are becoming too significant to ignore the system. They include:

  • The ability to know the water consumption of a household per day, week, month and year

  • The knowledge of how much water everyone is consuming can result in reductions that, in turn, produce savings

  • The recording of unusual water usage patterns. This can indicate the presence of a plumbing issue such as a leak. Early detection can reduce what may become costly repairs

By sending the information directly to the water distributor or water meter suppliers, there is a reduction in the cost of manpower i.e. meter readers

While smart meters are not yet common in America, the need to conserve resources in states such as California, is hastening its introduction. The positive results experienced there will go a long way to ensuring smart metering is truly going to increase in popularity across the nation.

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