Shake It Up with Plasti Dip

Shake it up with Plasti Dip spray cans, literally. When you purchase a can of Plasti Dip, give it a good shake and get ready to spray your way to creative bliss. There are no limits when it comes to using Plasti Dip to create artistic designs on cars. To get started, try your hand at dipping emblems, wheels and grilles. Once you have mastered the technique, you are ready to get into dipping on a serious level. When you dip a car, it is done in layers. Once you have the color of dip applied, then you can consider whether you want another coat on top that will complement the color beneath. These are called enhancers and include the following types Metallic, Pearlizer, and Glossifier.

The Process of Applying Plasti Dip

Anyone can learn how to apply Plasti Dip to create a smooth and protective surface. To start you need to find an area that is well ventilated such as a garage that is open or outdoors and under the shade. You need to keep out of the sunlight when applying dip. Once you have the area picked out, you need to make sure the surface you want to dip is clean. Since dip adheres to the surface of an object, it will form a layer over the dirt and cause it to look lumpy and bumpy due to a dirty surface. Next make sure the clean surface is dry. Use a smooth cloth to dry it and avoid using fabrics such as terry cloth that can leave scratches or lint behind.

Paper, Tape and Shake Oh My!

Plasti Dip is easy to remove, but that does not mean you want to spend your time peeling it from areas of your vehicle that you did not mean to apply it. Prepare the surface you want to dip by placing newspaper over the glass and using tape made for painters to secure it. Cover windows and other areas in which you do not want dip to adhere, as well. Now it is time to shake things up. That’s right, shake your Plasti Dip can for at least one minute so it is ready to be sprayed. Vigorous shaking is best to make sure the contents are thoroughly mixed.

Spray in Sections

Before you get ready to start using Plasti Dip, you should arm yourself with eye protection and a mask. This will ensure you remain safe while using this product. When you are ready to start dipping, it is best to do it in sections. It is a good idea to start with sections that are harder to reach since you may want to paint other sections that could get smudged if you have to reach over them. The hood is a great place to start. While it dries you can dip other sections such as the roof. Although you can technically start anywhere you desire, it is best to think ahead so you are not touching any dipped spots and creating splotched places. Plasti Dip takes six to eight hours to dry properly, then you can add a top coat and repeat the process.

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