Refrigeration Equipment Specialists in New Jersey

When my father opened his small restaurant business in New Jersey forty years ago, he bought his refrigeration equipment from Automatic Ice Maker. I found that out when I took over his business ten years ago and decided to replace as much of the equipment inside as possible. One of the first things I noticed was that our refrigeration equipment was outdated and my father told me without a doubt to call Automatic because they were still the local specialist in commercial refrigeration equipment. As I do tend to trust my dad, I went to Automatic for an initial consultation and was greeted by the same man who sold my dad his refrigeration equipment all those many years ago! The friendly service can’t be beat, but the quality of products and the prices at Automatic are also great for those of you who are new to the business.

Refrigeration equipment choices can be daunting, because the range of choices on the market has expanded significantly since my dad started his restaurant. Now there are many different brands, each with a different price tag. Where to begin? Automatic Ice Maker offers assistance in choosing the right machine for your business and budget. Each machine is configured differently and fits into your space differently too. It really depends on the quantity of materials you will be storing, the types and variety of materials and sanitary considerations, how long you will be storing, and the size or dimensions of the refrigeration equipment. Of course, your budget will be a determining factor when choosing the right refrigeration equipment for your business.

In New Jersey, there are a few specialists in refrigeration equipment but the one I always recommend is Automatic Ice Maker. Partly because my family has been doing business with the company for decades, testament to their good service, but also because the quality and diversity of their equipment is good, I strongly recommend Automatic Ice Maker.

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