Proposal Photography to Capture That Very First Moment

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Business

All the planning begins when he gets down on one knee and asks her, “Will you marry me?” At that moment that’s when she’s most surprised; it’s the purest sensation between two lovers that have just stepped into everlasting love. As the couple enters a lifelong journey together, having a photo of the moment, the one that started it all will be one of the most treasured photos they will own. Proposal photography in Washington DC has become much more popular and sought after. If you’re going to plan a beautiful surprise for your soon to be wife; why not make that extra step and call an expert photographer to capture the moment?


Paparazzi, but the Kind You Want

Proposal photography is easy; you barely notice that they are there. They are trusted professionals that will blend in with the crowd and at that right moment they will capture the perfect surprised expression from the newly engaged couple. Since they are professionals in Washington DC, they know the area. If you need help in staging and planning the proposal they are the experts to talk to. They know what is going to best scenery and lighting for the perfect proposal photo. A photo that you can share to friends and family as a kick off to the most important day of your lives.


Guidance in Perfecting the Right Proposal

In proposal photography, the best experts are ones that are unnoticeable. They are simply enhancing a situation from behind the trees or far enough away from the situation to cause any distractions. Proposal photography is just as easy as a phone call; setting up a place and time or if you need that extra help planning, they can do that as well. It’s not uncommon for most men to be curious about planning the particular situation and need tips or advice on the perfect proposal. Help is a phone call away.

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