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Plants are as peculiar as people. Yet so many companies that sell items for outdoor planting make the mistake of selling products that are a homogenous. As such, it is up to consumer gardeners, whether they are expert or novice to start differentiating among the different products out there and picking items that are right for their particular planting needs. Citrus growers in particular have specialized challenges for growing. Among other considerations, fertilizer for citrus trees is one component to bringing forth healthy plants.

The citrus family consists of different categories of fruit, mostly characterized by an outer rind, inner seeds and high acidic content. One of the most important growth techniques to consider when growing citrus is climate. Citrus fruits grow best in sub-tropic regions where the temperature stays consistently above 60 degrees. However, people in other regions have been successfully growing citrus by using hothouse methods. Citrus trees, while considered deciduous trees, carry some of the properties of evergreen because they never fully die off into dormancy over the winter months. In addition, some citrus trees are more resistant to cold weather.

When attempting to grow citrus, it is prudent to research which types grow best in the area. It is also important to pick the right area to grow it. The soil in which a citrus tree is plant should be soil that is porous enough to drain well when exposed to water. In addition, the location to plant should be a place where there is southern or western sun exposure. When planting a citrus tree, the depth should be level with the point where the stem of the tree gives way to the roots and there should be approximately a foot and a half circle of room around the base of the tree. After planting, fill in the hole with a porous top soil and feed it with fertilizer for citrus trees.

Fertilizer for citrus tree is made up of a specialized blend of nutrients that optimize citrus growth. Citrus and other plants such as mangoes, avocadoes and blackberries require soil rich in nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, and sulfur. The fertilizer can be placed directly on top of the top soil but should not touch the base of the tree.

Growing citrus is easier than most people believe. Planted and fertilized properly, fresh citrus fruit can be enjoyed straight from the tree. Visit this site to learn more about citrus and find citrus fertilizer. For more information contact BGI at (561) 374-9216. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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