Preserve the Past for a Future

Imagine studying and preserving the past as a future career? Are you constantly fascinated by history? Why not pursue a historic preservation graduate program?

Using The History For Today

Are you passionate about history? About teaching and learning more about what happened centuries ago? Then maybe you are meant to pursue a degree in a historic preservation graduate program. Pursuing such a program teaches the proper techniques and practices of protecting and preserving world and historic sites.

The history is a great teacher of many lessons – but it is even more a great tool for uncovering the mysteries and secrets of a life we know only through books and stories.

Be A World Traveler

Pursuing a higher level of education in historic preservation means you can travel the world – from the ruins of the Mayans to the pyramids of the Egypt, you can through your studies travel and experience a whole new world!
Learn about such world wonders have managed to survive the test of time and nature, but most importantly learn about the lives of those who once lived there.

Uncover The Past As Your Future

What is more rewarding than being part of unearthing a piece of history? Imagine being the one who uncovers a lost civilization in the Andes and brings back to life their culture and history. Imagine a job where you spend your days exploring various countries shedding light on these lost ruins and artifacts, preserving and sharing the stories of what could and did happen at a specific site.

Unleash your passion in questioning and constantly learning and defying the obvious with an education in a historic preservation graduate program. With this as your tool – the world is your oyster to open and find your pearl.

Don’t waste time, be a part of unravelling the mysteries of yesterday for today.

For more information on the historic preservation graduate program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, go online at

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