Finding the Right Japanese Tattoo Artist in San Diego, CA for You

You’ve come to a decision. You wish to have one or more Japanese tattoos, yet you need an experienced Japanese Tattoo Artist in San Diego CA to ensure the job is done right. This type of tattoo is very intricate, and the artist needs to understand the various symbols and script options available to you. How do you go about finding the right artist for the job?

The first thing you must understand is the training of the artist. Has he or she undergone a formal training program or apprenticeship? This is what you should be looking for, as the artist will not only have a better understanding of Japanese tattoos, but will also understand the importance of purchasing good quality equipment, sterilizing instruments, and more.

It’s not worth it to risk your health by going to a tattoo artist without the necessary training, as unsterilized equipment can lead to AIDS, hepatitis, and more, thanks to blood-born pathogens. The shop, artist, and equipment should all be clean and orderly, and you have the right to ask about their sterilization techniques. In fact, a good Japanese Tattoo Artist will be happy to show you the equipment and process used for this purpose.

To find a Japanese Tattoo Artist in San Diego CA with the skills and experience you need, don’t hesitate to walk up to someone with a tattoo you admire and ask who they used. If you cannot find someone like this, visit a number of tattoo shops to see examples of an artist’s work. Be sure their portfolio is watermarked or signed, as this ensures the artist actually did the work. You cannot walk in the door, see photos on the wall, and assume they were done by the artist. You need to verify this is actually their work and not pictures they obtained from another source.

In addition, you should ask if you can watch the artist at work. He or she should be happy to let you do so. If they won’t, you may want to look elsewhere. Finally, never settle for less than the best. If you cannot afford the tattoo you desire without compromising when it comes to the artist, it’s best to wait until you have the money you need to hire the artist you want. It’s your body, so you don’t want to settle for less than the best.

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