Newest Upgrades in Mobiles Apps

With the mobile market ever growing, the latest technology in mobiles has been able to showcase itself from its software to its hardware. The new apps and processors coming onto the market are literally a dime a dozen. From iOS software to Android, the latest technology in mobiles is enabling the people to make apps and download better and make more useful apps that don’t take forever to load. From the Indian Energy Exchange launching a mobile app earlier this year to Delhi traffic enforcement police releasing their own mobile app with help from LG, people and organizations from all over the world are getting on the app band wagon these days. However, recently the idea of this came under some heavy fire with exchanges between Google and Apple reaching an all-time high due to Google’s muscling in on the app market.

Why is Google Involved?

Google is involved because Google, like Apple, is always involved. If something is happening in the world of technology in mobiles, then you can guarantee either Apple or Google will be weighing in with what they think, or most likely, defending their actions. This is the case because both Google and Apple are highly respected. So, even if two smaller brands are in a skirmish, usually Apple and Google are asked for their opinions.

Also one main point which cannot not be mentioned is Google’s latest upgrade to the Android system, creating what they having proudly named “KitKat”. Due to this latest upgrade, Google came under fire from private individuals attempting to sue Google for forcing their products onto the market. However, Google defended itself and was found not in breach of any laws. Meanwhile, Google came under more fire for charging only 5% commission on all apps sold from their app store, tiny compared to Apples 30%. With this, Google was accused of “un-fair” competition.

Most of these events seem to surround Google, and maybe is linked to the thought that Google is catching up. From once was just a simple search engine, providing no competition to the actual technology manufactures, Google now appears to be a real modern organization. An organization that is not only pushing the boundaries in what’s possible, but doing it in a way that’s not trying to dig into the pockets of the diehard fans. Yes “Google Glass”, and some products will be expensive, but the price tag is understandable if years of research has gone into it.

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