My Drug Problem Doesn’t Seem So Bad, Maybe I Can Just Deal With It On My Own?

It is quite common for a person to not believe their problems are so bad. Most will minimize their problems, especially when it comes to personal habits. When a person is developing a dependence on Opioid pain medication, or Heroin; it is part of the addiction for them to think that they can just quit on their own, any time. Just not right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Ever heard the expression?: “A stitch in time saves nine.”

How about this one?: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Both of these sayings make the important point that, it is much more desirable to try and deal with a problem sooner than later and before it becomes too out of control. If one waits to address a problem with Opiates; it can become more and difficult to break the habit. Sadly, some might die before they can get into treatment. Waiting to address an addiction can be done, but usually takes more time and money to recover. Some folks say, they only tried to help themselves after they had already hit rock bottom. By that time, a person might have lost their family and friends, and they have might even have been to jail.

That’s not good, right?

A person struggling with a drug or alcohol problem shouldn’t have to reach rock bottom before seeking help. A person will have better results and will be better off in the long run, if they will seek help sooner rather than later. So, don’t put off getting help for a substance problem. It rarely gets better on its own. Treatment is more successful when it is applied earlier in the addiction process.

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There’s Still Hope!

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