An Umbrella for Golf? Yes! Here are 4 Reasons Why

You might not think you need an umbrella when you hit the greens, but you might. You never know when Mother Nature will find it humorous to ruin your game. If you’re one with a fair complexion, you may find it difficult to golf on sunny days. Enter golf umbrellas. Yes, these bumper shoots are designed specifically for the greens, and here are four reasons why you should never take anything else out with you when you’re ready to tackle the course.

1. Protection

Of course, the number one reason why you need a golf bumper shoot is because it protects you and your equipment. The canopy of a golf umbrella ranges from 60 inches to 70 inches, which means should it begin to rain during your game, you and your golfing equipment will stay dry. Those sun-sensitive will enjoy wide protection from UV rays. In fact, you can use the umbrella whenever you’re outdoors.

2. Wind

If you believe that playing on a windy day increases your challenge, then you’ll definitely want the large and sturdy canopy found on golfing umbrellas. The size and weight of the canopy resists flipping when the wind swirls and gusts underneath it, which keeps you focused on your game. You can get a hole-in-one against a wind gust, and once you do, you’ll have bragging rights for the rest of your life. Seriously.

3. Lightweight

Golf umbrellas are made with fiberglass shafts, which reduce their weight exponentially. It’s much easier to handle a lightweight umbrella while you’re golfing than it is to struggle with a heavy and awkward one. The spreaders are also fiberglass, so you’ll have no trouble hauling the umbrella. Now if only you had a caddie for the golf clubs you’d be set and be able to act like the pro you know you are.

4. Lightning Resistant

The fiberglass materials also make the umbrella resistant to lightning, which is good since you’re carrying lightning rods in the form of your irons. It’s okay. Nothing comes between you and your game, and little lightning isn’t going to scare you off the greens. If you’re struck, it won’t be through the umbrella at least, although if you survive it, your spouse might have a thing or two to say still.

Yes, golf umbrellas are designed specifically with the golfer in mind. You don’t want to head out to tackle 18 holes with anything less than the best. The lightweight, sturdy umbrella will offer you the protection you need to enjoy your game.

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