Listen Up: Enhancing Your Security With Electronic Ears

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Security

When you’re in the delicate situation of needing to use hidden listening devices to covertly record conversations to collect evidence, you need a full understanding of the many options available. Here is a guide to different styles of undercover recording to fit any scenario you might encounter.

On the Body Devices

When you’re meeting with a person face to face and need to have a record of the conversation, opt for a small, inconspicuous recorder that will never draw the subject’s attention. Microphones contained inside pens and watches are both excellent options for this situation. Easily hidden in plain sight on your wrist or in your hand, you can record hours of conversation with the other person none the wiser. Research to find options that do not include blinking lights, as this is a giveaway that something clandestine is afoot. Also consider microphones that are voice activated so you don’t waste recording space by turning on the microphone before the subject has arrived and you don’t attract their attention by pressing a button when they do begin talking.

Surveillance on the Go

Holding a pen isn’t always a natural action that is unworthy of notice. Hidden listening devices that resemble car key fobs and hook effortlessly to your keychain are more appropriate for certain situations. Casually dangling your keychain from your hands as you converse in a public space affords the perfect opportunity to collect evidence without detection. A time and date stamp of the recording is an important feature here so you have a reference for the information.

Household Items

You won’t always be able to hold your microphone or have it near your body. Sometimes you’ll need to have it hidden in plain sight, concealed within an object that belongs in your natural surroundings. There is a world of options at your disposal. A tissue box sits benignly on your end table, recording every word that is said. A coffee cup that hides a microphone looks innocuous on your kitchen counter. A desktop calculator fits in among the other items of your desk while secretly taking record of any evidence the person in your home might give.

With all the electronic gadgets available today, it’s easier than ever to keep your electronic ear to the ground. Record and review all the public conversations you need with hidden listening devices that easily slip past a person’s notice. When used legally and responsibly, these can be valuable tools when you’re collecting evidence.

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