Keeping up with New Trends in Hospitality Casegoods

The furniture in a typical hotel room is not changed nearly as often as the carpet, window treatments, fixtures, and fabrics. What can be considered “soft goods” should keep up with the times. However, even though hospitality casegoods are not changed as often, the designs do change. New trends continue to appear in hotels worldwide.

Hotel guests look for and expect to experience the best of all worlds. Furniture must constantly be reviewed for form and function. Guests expect style, comfort, and technology.

Natural Woods

Natural woods are being used more and more in casegoods. No longer do you see a great deal of light furniture. Today the trend is towards warmer woods such as walnut. Hotel guests like the idea of natural materials and also a blend of materials. Resin and wood create a balance in any room. It helps to set the tone of the room, timeless, not necessarily trendy. Statement pieces in the room are used to provide color and to complement the overall room feel and design.

Multi-function Furniture

Single purpose hotel furniture, the desk, and chair, the chest of drawers, etc. were at one-time stock furnishings for any hotel room. These single-function pieces are rapidly giving way to multi-function pieces. Today, a hotel guest is more likely to find casegoods that serve as a workstation with internet ports and also serve as a place to dine. Hallway closets are giving way to a mixed purpose wardrobe that holds more than just a suit.

When designers are choosing casegoods for the hotel, they are looking for pieces that are eclectic as well as timeless. The current trend in hotel room design is to try and make the room look and feel more like a residence rather than a hotel room. As designers try to create the “home away from home” look and feel, they turn to hospitality casegoods. Visit Curve Hospitality for more info.

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