Keep Your Car on the Road With Transmission Repair in Conroe

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Automotive

Your car or truck is a complicated piece of machinery made from hundreds of moving parts. These components must be properly synchronized so that the motive power of the engine is properly transferred to the wheels. The component that handles this is the transmission. Automotive transmissions come in two types, an automatic shifting model and the standard shifting version. The automatic transmission uses hydraulic pressure which may be assisted by vacuum pressure for changing gears while the standard transmission uses a manual clutch and gear shift. Both are very reliable devices, but each has a few weak points.

The best way to avoid excessive Transmission Repair Conroe is to have your transmission serviced on a regular basis. With the automatic transmission this can include regular fluid changes and a clean filter. The filter is located inside the transmission so the mechanic will need to remove the pan to access it. This job is much more difficult to handle than changing the engine oil. You may periodically want to have the transmission mechanic flush the transmission as part of the fluid replacement. Flushing the transmission is a process that pumps high pressure fluid through the transmission. This helps clean the interior channels so fluid flows properly.

The weak spot on the standard transmission is the clutch system. Every time you press the clutch pedal the clutch will slip a little between the engine flywheel and the pressure plate. This causes the clutch to wear down to the point where it will need to be replaced. This means the transmission must be separated from the engine to access the parts. Replacing the clutch also requires a new pressure plate and throw-out bearing. The latter is part of the assembly that is used to pull the clutch plate away from the flywheel when the pedal is pressed. One other important point in the drive train is the universal joints. These are the bearings that handle the variance between the transmission and the drive shaft. These bearings are generally roller bearings and will wear out if not properly lubricated. If your vehicle is driving oddly and you need Transmission Repair Conroe, be sure to check with Discount Brake & Auto Repair.

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