Hurt Shopping? Contact an Injury Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM

Women love girlfriend shopping weekends to renew friendships and find great deals. The days are filled with lots of gossip and browsing retail shops. When a heavy antique brass pig falls off of a shelf and onto a woman’s foot, it can ruin a lot more than the weekend. She may find herself in the emergency room with a doctor telling her that several bones in her foot are broken. It’s shocking for her to find out how much needs to be done to rehabilitate her foot. Because her injury was caused by a negligent shop owner, she is entitled to damages to pay her medical bills and lost income. She should contact an Injury Lawyer Albuquerque NM for help filing her claim.

The claim will be paid by the shop owner’s insurance company. It will try and minimize the amount of money the injured shopper receives. Company representatives may first try and show that the woman was not using reasonable care when she was in the store. Insurance investigators will claim her large handbag was to blame. Her Injury Lawyer Albuquerque NM will show that the antique was too big for the shelf. It was dangling over the edge and never should have been put on it. The shop owner should have considered that it could easily fall off and hurt a customer. Because shop owners invite people on to their property for commercial reasons, they are held to a higher level of responsibility.

The insurance company may also argue that she could have returned to work in another capacity. The Injury Lawyer Albuquerque NM will depose her boss to show that every job at her small company requires that people stand on their feet and walk a lot during the day. There was no way for them to accommodate her special circumstances. Eventually the insurance company will make a counter offer. The lawyer will helper her know if it is reasonable for the injuries she sustained. The Carter & Valle Law Firm Albuquerque, NM accepts these kinds of cases. They will meet with a person to help them determine if they have a negligence case. There is no charge for that meeting. Visit website for more information.

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