How to Stop Limescale

Homeowners like their house to look as clean as possible in the least amount of time. Limescale can turn your hassle free cleaning job into a real chore. Limescale is a mineral found in your water that leaves a hard milky white residue on your appliances, drains, shower heads and faucets. Stopping limescale from forming will save you a lot of time when you are cleaning. Below is a list of simple things you can do to stop limescale.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an all-natural cleaner stopping limescale before it starts. This works in washing machines and toilets. To stop limescale in your washing machine, add one teaspoon of baking soda in with your laundry detergent each time you do a load of laundry. When you notice limescale forming in your toilet, drop a baking soda tablet in your tank. Baking soda tablets and baking soda are inexpensive and can be purchased at any grocery store.

Water Softening Tablets

Water softening tablets are an easy, no-hassle way to stop limescale. These tablets can be used in shower heads, hot water heaters, and toilets. Water softening tablets contain chemicals in them, so they are not for those who are environmentally conscious. To stop limescale in your shower heads, unscrew the top of your shower head off, place a tablet inside and screw the top back on. You can also use them in your hot water heater. These tablets can only be used in hot water heaters manufactured after 1980. Unscrew the water softener cap on the top, place the tablet inside and screw the top back on. Never unscrew the cap when the tank is refilling. You always want to wait until your hot water heater is idle. To stop limescale in your toilet, take the top off of your toilet, place the tablet inside and put the top back on. Water softening tablets are inexpensive and can be purchased at any home improvement grocery stores. Most tablets with last between two to four months depending on how much water you use.

Installed Water Softening Systems

Installed water softening systems are best for those homeowners who don’t want to have to deal with baking soda or tablets. Most of these systems don’t require any upkeep after they are installed. None of these systems use chemicals, so they are great for the environmentally conscious homeowners. Many of the installed water softening systems only run when there is water running through your pipes, which saves on your electric costs. The only downside to these systems is they can be kind of pricey, so they are not for the homeowners on a budget.

Lime scale doesn’t have to turn your simple cleaning day into a long chore. Following these simple and easy things will stop limescale before it starts forming.

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