How to Make Sure Claims for Worker’s Compensation in MN get Paid

Getting hurt on the job can lead to devastating consequences, especially financial ones. Sometimes, it can be an uphill battle for an injured worker to get the worker’s compensation benefits that they are entitled to. This is something that can even make them unable to pay their bills. Incredibly, it can take weeks before a worker’s comp claim is paid, even if there’s clear evidence that an accident occurred on a job site. In cases where companies drag their feet at the moment of paying claims, or blatantly refuse to pay them, an attorney may need to be retained in order for the accident victim to get the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Insurance companies always try to minimize the payments that a company will make after a worker is injured on the job. Employees are entitled to benefits that will allow them to pay their medical expenses, and to income for the time they might need to be off work due to an injury. If the employer is dragging their feet about paying the Worker’s Compensation in MN, the claimant should retain an attorney to negotiate for them or start litigation against the organization. However, the most important thing the employee should do when trying to get compensation is report the incident that caused the injury as soon as possible.

A worker’s compensation claim has to be submitted legally and in a timely manner, usually within 30 days or less after the injury was sustained. This length of time allows employees who have been severely hurt on the job to have time to recover in case they were unable to report their injuries immediately. Even if an employee will not miss work because of their injury, he or she should still report the incident in case the injury worsens, or in case their medical expenses resulting from the accident need to be paid.

Claims for Worker’s Compensation in MN must be made within 10 to 14 days depending on the seriousness of the accident or, if the injury was serious or resulted in death, a claim must be made within just three days. An FROI, or First Report of Injury form, needs to be filed by the employer, and the employee must receive a copy of it.

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