How to Inspect a Pre Owned Vehicle

You’ve searched the used car dealerships of Bothell, and you’ve finally found a model you’re interested in. But there’s one more thing you’ll need to complete before you begin the purchasing process: the inspection. Vehicles at high-quality auto lots are already inspected by professionals, but a personal inspection is welcomed as well. These inspections are a crucial part of any potential car owner’s buying process and any Bothell used car dealership should allow customers to make them, so here are some key points you should look out for.

Check Out the Exterior

Pre-owned car dealerships in Bothell welcome a customer’s exterior inspections!
First, make sure the exterior of the car is satisfactory. Thoroughly inspect the paint job, keeping an eye out for any spots of rust that have been painted over, as well as any dents or scratches. Take a close look at all four tires as well, making sure they are all of the same make and similarly-worn, as uneven wear may be a sign of suspension issues. Lastly, examine the vehicle’s frame from as many angles as possible, making sure there are no dents, bends, or cracks on the car’s chassis. If you find damage on the car’s frame, do not buy it–frame damage can make the vehicle unsafe and will reduce resale value.

Check Out the Interior

You’ll find high-quality interiors at the used car dealerships of Bothell.The pre owned car dealerships of Bothell allow interior inspections as well, and yours begins the moment you open a door. In fact, you’ll want to open all doors, making sure they are functional and feature working locks. Do the same with the trunk as well, taking note of any tears or water damage inside. Once you’ve entered the car itself, check every seatbelt to make sure it locks securely and adjusts to fit. From the driver’s seat, check the windows, air conditioning, and lights, and make sure all dials, gauges, and readouts are functioning properly with that no warning lights are illuminated. Special note needs to be made of the car’s odometer, which will display the car’s mileage and inform the amount of wear it has had.

Take a Look Under The Hood

Used car dealerships in Bothell are happy to assist you with under-the-hood inspection.
The first thing you need to inspect under the hood of a car is the engine, checking for any leaks, rust, or corrosion. Next, examine all belts and hoses for signs of wear, cracks, or holes. Check the transmission fluid is clean, and make sure the oil filter and dipstick are free of thick, black oil. The under-the-hood portion is the most difficult part of your inspection, but when you’re at Rich’s Car Corner you can rel y on a friendly, knowledgable staff to assist your search and make sure the vehicle is in top condition before you purchase it.


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